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Sunday Worship 10:00am

Boys Scout

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Scout Movement is to contribute to the holistic development and continuous education of young people.

The Aim:

The Aim of the Scout Association is "To encourage the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people so that they may take a constructive place in society."

The Scout Promise:

"On my honor I promise to do my best- To love and serve God, my Creator and the Queen, To help people, and to obey the Scout Law"

The Scout Law:

A Scout is to be trusted, loyal, friendly and considerate, a brother to all Scouts, have courage in all difficulties, make good use of his time, careful of his possessions and all property, have respect for himself and for others, obeys the orders of those in authority and is clean in thought, word and deed.

Here in Savannah:

On Thursday evenings at 5:30pm the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts (boys age 6-19 years) meet at the Church Hall for an hour and a half.

The Programme is based on a Progressive Scheme of work relevant to each Section in their respective age group.

Beavers: (6-8years) Work towards covering requirements for eight 'Paw Badges". Activities are designated by particular Paw Badges that are highlighted by different colours (sporting activities, emergency, water safety, religion, hygiene and nature).

Cub-Scouts: (8-101/2 years) Work towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. The programme covers activities such as: Physical fitness, knots and their uses, cleanliness, heritage, crafts, hiking, community service and leadership).
There are over forty cub-scouts proficiency badges in the scheme.

Scouts: (101/2-19 years) Work towards Chief Scout Award. The activities range from: Health and Hygiene, Map and Compass, Community Service, Hiking, Swimming, Leadership. They earn Proficiency Badges for demonstrating skills in specialized areas such as Cooking, Music, Camping, First Aid, Pioneering and Swimming. There are over fifty proficiency badges in the scheme.